Rashi script (and signed languages)

Dan Parvaz dparvaz at UNM.EDU
Thu Jul 25 21:00:06 UTC 2002

> Hello Izzy - Thanks for this message. I have forwarded it to our
> SignWriting List Members, who may be interested. Val ;-)

Interested enough to warn people off, I'm afraid. Much about the origins
of the "Hebrew" (really the Aramaic, since at one point Hebrew was
written in Phoenician script) alphabet is pretty well known. It's pretty
fascinating stuff, too, even without the Deepak-Chopra-esque ramblings
about higher-dimensional spaces and Fourier transforms. Here's a quickie


Most of the folks here, I don't worry about. However, if someone without
sufficient background starts to talk about this stuff *and* SW in the
same breath... well, you know. :-)



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