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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Jun 4 16:04:41 UTC 2002

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June 4, 2002

>SignWriting Forum CD
>Messages From The SignWriting List Archives May, 1998 - March, 2002

In the future, we will not be using Yahoo for our Archives. Right now
we do. And it will take more time before the whole Archives is moved
elsewhere. But today, because of Bill's donation of capturing the
Archives from 1998-2002, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

I became worried, when Yahoo started throwing ads at us while we are
reading messages....Our historic Archives could be lost, if we did
not preserve it somehow. Although I am sure Yahoo technicians would
never do this....the truth is...they have the power to stop archiving
at any time, since it is a free service. That is why the new expanded
memory on our SignWriting web sites will be useful. We may be able to
house the whole Archives on the SignWritingSite in the future.

But taking one step at a time, Bill and I discussed the idea of
capturing the current Archives and creating a CD. When Bill explained
to me how much work it would be (and it really was a great deal of
work), I told him..."Don't do it. It is too much work, time and

But Bill didn't listen to me (thank you, Bill ;-)....and we are
blessed with the SignWriting Forum CD now!

The SignWriting Forum CD is a valuable tool for researchers trying to
find information on SignWriting, and an internet connection will not
be required to use the the Archives can be accessible to
people without an internet be continued...

Val ;-)

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