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Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Sat Jun 15 19:46:06 UTC 2002

Henk, try downloading the file again but this time put in it's own
directory, like "SW".  Then all the files will be in one directory.
Find the file in Windows Exploring, and double-click on it to unzip the
files.  It should unzip all the files in that directory.  Then find the
SW.exe file and right-click on the file.  Choose "make shortcut" from
the menu that pops up.  Find the shortcut file and drag to the desktop.

I know this works in Windows 98, I'm not sure if Windows 95 was that


Henk Pel wrote:

> Dear List members,
> This week our organization L.I.F.E. received a fantastic donation in
> the form of a used lap top computer for the sign-writing program. Now
> Tini can take it with her to class. It is an IBM think pad with
> Windows 95 and it is in great shape. Yesterday we hooked it up to the
> Internet and downloaded Sign Writer 4.4
> After the download it took us a long time to find it on the computer,
> and we finally discovered it in C:\windows\temp, 36 files in total.In
> my excitement I clicked on the SW.EXE icon and the program came on in
> MS.DOS, with 22 files. Among those missing is the Dict. File.
> We can work with it this way, but we have to go through many steps to
> access the program and I tried to create a shortcut without any luck.
> I can drag the SW.exe icon to the desktop or to the C drive, but then
> when I double click on it the message: “cannot locate file” appears.
> I went through the troubleshooting process, but after all that the
> icon still does not appear on the desktop.
> I would like to know what I’m doing wrong and I hope that someone can
> find the time to help me
> Henk
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