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June 13, 2002

My dear friends -
Did you know that there will be several important presentations on
SignWriting at the Deaf Way II Conference at Gallaudet University
this July?

1. Nicaraguan Sign Language
James Shepard-Kegl and his team are presenting an excellent paper.

2. Charles Butler
SignWriting Literature around the World

3. Albuquerque SignWriting Project
Yes! Albuquerque teachers and students will be presenting a poster, I
believe, on using SignWriting with Deaf children in the Albuquerque
Public Schools. This poster will be presented by one of the Deaf

4. Irish Sign Language
Although SignWriting is not the focus in this workshop, I believe it
will be presented a little....

And I have heard that several others will include SignWriting as
diagrams or a part of their presentations...

I had hoped I would have the funds to pay for a display table at Deaf
Way, but I need the funds to complete SignBank 2002 by Fall. So I
have made my choice to focus on SignBank and get it out in

Thanks to all those who are presenting at Deaf Way II - it is
wonderful! And we are looking forward to hearing how it goes...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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