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Mon Jun 3 13:52:30 UTC 2002

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June 3, 2002

Dear SW List Members and all "scorpion writers"!! ;-)

Karl certainly started a conversation, when he asked about the sign
for scorpion in Maltese Sign Language!

This weekend I have been busy with moving our web sites to a new
Dedicated Virtual Server account with DeafVision. It was like moving
a house in cyberspace. All sites and email had to be moved over to
another machine. I am still testing it. The DeafVision technicians
seem to have done an excellent job. To post anything new on our web
sites, I have to learn a new way to do that job, because DeafVision
changed the way the sites function, so I am still any
move, it takes some adjustment!

That is why I have not been participating in chatting...All summer
will be like this. I have an enormous job ahead of me, to complete
SignBank 2002 by September...

And I want to thank Stefan for testing the beta test version several
weeks ago...I do appreciate it, Stefan! The reason you could not find
the SignWriting Archives folder, is because our web sites ran out of
memory, so I could not post it...that is why I am making this big
change to more memory -

Val ;-)


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