SignBank 2002 Beta Test May 1, 2002

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed May 1 17:50:53 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 1, 2002

Dear SignWriting List Members:
The May 1, 2002 beta test version of SignBank 2002 is now posted:

SignBank 2002 Beta Test Version

Every two weeks I hope to post new and improved beta test versions,
until the official release of SignBank 2002, in September.  Todd, our
programmer, is already making improvements for the May 15 beta test

Beta testing SignBank requires FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later, installed
on your Macintosh or Windows hard drive.

Beta testers: I look forward to discussing your questions and
suggestions. Please post them to the SignWriting List - I look
forward to your feedback!

Val ;-)


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