Question about Sign Bank (file maker)

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu May 23 22:27:21 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 23, 2002

Flavio in Japan asked:
>For now, I'd like to make a question to you, Val. Do
>you know, or could you ask the programmer you're
>working with, how compatible is FileMaker and program
>languages like C++, Java, Visual Basic, etc.? I know
>that it is very easy to manage data stored in Oracle,
>Access and other DB applications through those
>languages, with some excpetions. How would that work
>with FileMaker?

As far as I understand, Flavio, FileMaker is just as compatible with
C, Java and Visual Basic as Oracle, Access or other DB is competitive and close to equal to most
well-known database software programs...the only thing that is
different is that I understand that FileMaker can handle 100 Thousand
transactions in a day, so for some big airline companies and other
very large companies that have more than 100 thousand transactions in
a day... they might not be able to use FileMaker...but it does handle
100 thousand transactions, so there are medium-sized companies that
use FileMaker as their only database program - especially the
pharmaceutical industry...medications' information etc...

So no problem with C, Java or Visual Basic! It is used in conjunction
with FileMaker all the time -

Val ;-)

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