thanks tor your support.

Eugenio Gonz H_ ez effeta21 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 27 21:19:41 UTC 2002

  Thanks for all dear Valerie Sutton...
  I did contact to Steve Parkhust and he also gave me permission to copy the
spanish book that they have translated about how to learn signwriting.
  It ±±  a big support to me, we have around 24 students, 12 from our school,
and 12 from others schools.
  Valerie, we are making  some parts of the "old testament" in salvadorean
signwriting for our students and catholics deaf in general, if we book is
acepted for all, we will go to the deaf protestants schools to show it, and
if they decide to learn we will teach them too.
  Also I with two university deaf students we ±° e preparing The "salvadorean
singwriting dictionary".
  Thank you for all Valerie.
  I ±_ l wait for you others answers to help me.
  God bless you ever.
  Eugenio Gonz H_ ez
  Centro Escolar cat ¡_ ico de sordos San Antonio de Padua.
  Grupo Effet ç   sordos misioneros cat ¡_ icos.
  El Salvador, C.A.

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