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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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May 29, 2002

Regina Brooks wrote:
>>  Did you get a chance to review our questions about discount plans
>>for schools.....  I will need an exact cost per book when we
>>present this for approval.  I haven't seen anything on your web
>>site about discount plans for schools/non-profit organizations, or
>>permission to copy materials....

Hello Regina and Everyone:
I guess my web site is poorly designed! I didn't explain things right ;-))

Yes. We give 50%...half SignWriting Members. A SignWriting
Member is not just an individual. Schools and other organizations can
become members too...And you are already a SignWriting Member,
Regina, so your organization will be charged the same as you have
been charged on past SignWriting orders.

SignWriting Membership

I make no money from that half price - it simply pays for the cost of
the color ink, paper, notebooks etc...

Plus you have my full permission to photocopy any book I send you, or
anything posted on our web sites...If you photocopy the Lessons In
SignWriting Textbook you will not have the annoyance of waiting for
me to print your books!!

I have not sent your second order yet, Regina. So sorry about that -
I hope later today, after some Deaf guests leave ;-)

Many blessings -

Val ;-)


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