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May 30, 2002

Regina Brooks wrote:
>Thank you and thank you again!

Hello Everyone and Regina!
I shipped your Lessons In SignWriting textbook yesterday, Regina. In
regards to ten copies by middle of the summer for your students (I
believe you wanted that?)...that I cannot promise you, since I will
be having four guests (three Deaf and one hearing) after the Deaf Way
II conference in July...It is hard to print these books to begin
with, but the guests will be sleeping in rooms with the printers! So
I would suggest another idea...Do your students have computers? If
they have computers, I could send you the entire textbook on a
CD...and ten copies of the CD would be easier for me to get to you by
your deadline, because there is little printing involved.

Although I know that not everyone will want textbooks on CDs, it
would be a blessing for all of us to use CDs more, since there is
less printing, you get automatic color on the screen, and you have a
computer index that will help you find topics...and the postage for
mailing a CD is less money than shipping a heavy textbook...

Plus we have the SignWriting 2001 and 2002 CDs by William Reese,
which capture the SW web sites on cds, so I am moving more and more
towards cds as a way to solve some of our printing problems....

And Bill, if you think I have forgotten our cd project I have not! it
is coming -

Val ;-)


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