No SignWriting course in 2002...

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu May 30 20:18:31 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 30, 2002

Dear SW List Members and Eugenio -
Gosh...thank you for the message below, Eugenio. I feel very badly. I 
have not communicated well. You see...I am not the saint you think I 
am! ;-))

I am NOT holding a course in August, 2002. Unfortunately my schedule 
in 2002 is very complicated and totally full. So I cannot teach 
workshops right now.

Perhaps you are confused with my email to Regina? Regina lives in 
Arizona and is holding a workshop this August at her church in 
Arizona. Regina asked me if I could print ten copies of my textbook 
for them, and I said no...I would rather send them a CD...

This summer I have exactly four guests in July, and then all of 
August will be devoted to completing SignBank 2002, which is a huge 
job and rather difficult for me - I still have thousands of symbols 
to add to SymbolBank....

But let us think about scheduling a workshop for August, 2003....That 
would be great and gives us time to plan...Would anyone else like to 
attend a SignWriting Seminar in San Diego in August 2003?

Val ;-)


>  THAT ±Û  GREAT!!!!!
>  I ±_ l need next things:
>  - real address
>  - Cost
>  - how many days or weeks to stay there?
>  I am so glad  ±š ause you are a Valerie close friend, she ±±  a saint.
>  Please send all the information about that course in august, please.
>   Take care...
>  Eugenio Gonz H_ ez
>  C.E.C.E. San Antonio de Padua
>  Grupo Effet
>ç   El Salvador.
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