how to signwrite scorpion

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Hello friends,

have a look at the attached SW - comment -

can you read it ?

All the best -  L.I.F.E

Stefan ;-)

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Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 3:16 PM
Subject: how to signwrite scorpion

> Hello Valerie and list,
> My name is Karl. I am a deaf colleague working with Marie and Maria on
> the Maltese sign language dictionary. I have a problem to signwrite the
> part of signing of "scorpion". I am attaching the file of this part of
> the sign. The sign is at the back of head but how do you indicate this
> using signwriting, and also the two fingers come in contact with each
> other.
> Thankyou
> From Karl Borg  :)
> (This is second time I sent this email because I don't know whether the
> first one was successful)


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