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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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May 31, 2002

>My experiences mostly seem to follow Ilka's in that one can see the
>opening screen of SW but alt- anything is frozen at this point, with
>the two exceptions mentioned above, for which there was no unique
>explanation in either case.  More to follow as we learn.

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for all the messages about Windows XP, and thank you Jerry
and others for taking the time to figure this annoying
problem, that may not be worth your effort. I suspect DOS is best on
other operating systems, such as 95, 98 and if someone really
wants to use SignWriter seriously, they should either use one of
those operating systems, or get a DOS emulation program, such as
Virtual PC:

Virtual PC

Regarding frozen keyboards, or keys that do not work...Years ago I
had some tech support issues with SignWriter and frozen
keyboards...although it was never completely solved, I learned that
if a person accidentally touched the Caps Lock key, then the keyboard
was not usuable on some computers. I even had that problem with the
Control Key, if it was randomly touched without another
combination...but I have not heard of these problems for years, and I
suspect it was connected with older keyboards...

Val ;-)


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