Malta - Scorpion

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 31 04:15:43 UTC 2002

If there is no contact with the head, we would simply remove the "star" or
"asterisk" and it would represent the same thing? Or is it better to use
Charles' approach to do an overhead view? I realize there is more than one
way to spell.  I'm just curious about advantages and disadvantages.
Charles, what prompts you to use an overhead instead of a behind the head
approach?  And when we move to overhead, does the shading change to reflect
front to back as opposed to regular receptive?  I noticed Charles wrote his
with a half/half.  I would have expected it to be totally filled in?


Stuart Thiessen
Des Moines, IA
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> SignWriting List
> May 30, 2002
> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> The parenthesis around the head show the back of the head....
> Hello Stuart, and thanks so much for writing this sign...Well done ;-)
> I realize now that the term "back of the head" is confusing. I
> actually mean "behind the head"...If I were to touch my spine, I
> would put parentheses around the shoulders and waist area, for
> show contact with the back, which is behind - ha!
> So once we get Karl's answer, I can show you many different ways to
> write contact with the head -
> I am glad to see that you are stepping in to teach...and I hope
> others will do that too...
> Val ;-)

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