For Ilka in Germany...

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 31 04:12:21 UTC 2002

Maybe I am misunderstanding Ilka, but it seems maybe she is able to open
another DOS program but is wondering why SignWriter won't work.

If that is the case, I may have an idea why.  I think the SignWriter program
is designed to write directly to the video card to display the signs faster.
In the DOS days, writing directly to the hardware was better for speed than
to depend on your programming language's video routines.  However, since
Windows NT, Microsoft has put a operating system layer between the hardware
and any programs.  That prevents the kind of behavior that DOS used to
allow. So, the point of all this simply is this: If XP prevents DOS programs
(or any program from accessing the hardware (video or otherwise)), then
SignWriter probably won't work on those machines.  That is my guess.

Just a thought.

Stuart Thiessen
Des Moines, IA
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May 30, 2002

>Ilka Sch ʘ ke from Hamburg, Germany:
>I downloaded the programm, but it refuses to do anything while open
>and i can ±²  get it to close again, either. I do have another
>programm running dos-based, though, so i wonder what the problem
>might be. Is there anyone with a hint what i could try next?

Hello Everyone, and Ilka -
I thought about your message, Ilke, and I wonder.... You were able to
open the SignWriter program, while in Windows XP, and the program was
there on the screen, looking ok? If that is the case, this means that
Windows XP can open SignWriter...and perhaps it is not XP that is the
issue at all...

Since SignWriter DOS does not use a mouse, you have to use your
keyboard to move around....Combine the Alt Key with the first letter
of the command-word. For example, in the English version, Alt-O is
"Open a File". Alt-Q is "Quit SignWriter".

So in your German version, you use the Alt key plus the first letter
of the German words...You will find the words at the bottom of your
screen. You should be able to leave the program that way.

There are also instruction documents on the web:

SignWriter DOS Instruction

If you do get SignWriter to work with Windows XP, please tell us!

Val ;-)


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