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May 30, 2002

Mohamed mahmod wrote:
>I am asking about High University studies In teaching deaf Or any
>(Special Education) studies that may related with SW this is what I

Mohamed... There are a few Universities that use SignWriting now, but
there is no real "official" Deaf education program that incorporates
training in SignWriting (that I know of...)...

But I think it is great that you want to become more skilled in
SignWriting. The only problem is finding a way to increase your
skills...The only answer, for now, is to try to do more training
through email and postal mail. Or perhaps you could travel to Germany
or Spain?...

Do you own the Lessons in SignWriting textbook? Perhaps the Ministry
of Education could lend you their copy, or your school could order
some printed materials for you. That might help all the
teachers...what are the materials you have right now?

And although SignBank is not in Arabic at this time, I think it still
could be valuable for you in the Fall...so you might consider that...

And start writing signs in your Sign Language, written in
SignWriting, and post them to the SW List, and ask how we would write
that sign?....then we can answer and you can learn through

We look forward to seeing your questions!

Val ;-)


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