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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri May 31 01:17:00 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 30, 2002

>  Sorry, I mistake to send the last email, it was for the private mail to
>James Kegl, he wrote me and tell me that I can travel to Bluefields in
>august, and also he told he is a closer friend of you, then I wrote him that
>you ±° e a saint!!!. This is may opinion Val, nobody like you is helping us...

Hello Eugenio! I am glad to hear that you are going to work with 
James Kegl in Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan and El Salvadoran SignWriting 
groups are right next door to each other, and it makes sense that you 
help each other....It will be good for the Deaf students too...

Ha! Regarding sainthood...I doubt seriously I fit in that 
category....but thank you for the nice thought...All of you are doing 
good work...Every country has good people who work tirelessly for 
positive change everyday, and yet they rarely get noticed...So I 
acknowledge your contributions in return...

And yes...I first met James' wife, Judy Shepard-Kegl, around 1976, in 
Boston. Then later I met James, and we three have been friends ever 
since. Judy was the first linguist to support SignWriting, and 
arranged for my first SignWriting presentation in the United States 
in 1977. You can read about it on this web page:

And what I most appreciate is that James and Judy gave their Deaf 
students a choice of writing systems...they didn't force anything on 
anyone - they showed them different writing systems and the students 
chose SignWriting...  Val ;-)

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