Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun May 19 14:52:09 UTC 2002

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May 19, 2002

James Shepard-Kegl wrote:
>I am sitting here watching Barney (age 16) writing a letter to his aunt -- 3
>pages of SignWriting, mostly describing a dream he had last month  (running
>frustratingly slowly while being pursued by a crocodile, as others cheer on
>the croc....)  The point is that Barney has achieved literacy in his native
>language; so hats off to you, Valerie.  (His aunt can read it well.)

Hello James and Barney!
Thank you for this nice comment, James, but it is really "hats off to
you and Barney and Barney's aunt!"....

Can you imagine, if you had not chosen to write literature in
SignWriting, James?!...If you had not tirelessly worked at typing one
SW document after the other...Barney and his aunt would not have
anything to read, and so Barney would not be writing SignWriting
fluently as he is today...

So it is hats off to you, and a big "thank you" from me too...I am
grateful to see that SignWriting is really being used and is truly
serving a purpose...

Val ;-)

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