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May 19, 2002

James Shepard-Kegl wrote:
>....we just received notification that the foundation
>that funds us is not making disbursements this year, afterall  -- a
>consequence of low bank interest yields (related, in part I suspect, to the
>economic consequences of Sept. 11.)  Since we operate a year round foster
>care program for abandoned Deaf children, I have to reserve all our
>remaining funds for that, plus the salary of one teacher.  What a mess!

Hello Everyone, and James!
Very sorry to hear of your loss of funding. You do such wonderful
work for abandoned Deaf children - my goodness - what a shame! And
you are right, it probably does have some connection with Sept. 11,
which has influenced the world's economy...

Your work is much more urgent for the immediate care of
children....but even educational organizations like ours, here in
California, have less funding - Last year we had funding for
SignBank, but the funds ran out at the end of 2001 and the project
wasn't finished.

I knew it would be hard to get funded for a dictionary project this
year. Writing grants and receiving them takes time...Meanwhile
SignBank is the kind of project that will never get finished, if you
don't push it through - I know through experience with programming -
The programmers (and me too).....we lose the momentum and it is hard
to pick up the pieces and start again later -So to finish SignBank, I
chose to go into debt to the bank...although I will be paying back
loans for some time to come, I have no regrets...I just finished the
80-page SignBank Reference Manual - yeah!! And Todd did such an
excellent job with the programming. The only thing left for him is
the documentation for other programmers, and to help me complete the
installation software. Then I have more symbol editing this summer...

Once again, I am sorry to hear of your loss of funding, James - and I
wish you all the best - If there is anyone on the SignWriting List
who knows of sources of funding for James and the deaf children in
Nicaragua, I hope you will write to him -

James Shepard-Kegl
kegl at MAINE.RR.COM

Thanks for your great report -

Val ;-)


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