Saudi Arabian SignWriting Study!

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu May 23 17:52:46 UTC 2002

>   Mohamed Mahmod in Saudi Arabia wrote:
>In the fourth class I learned the students to read and write the
>Religion subjects sign as we did with the preparation class. You
>will not believe that they wrote and read the signs we learned them
>fluently they loved it too much. In the sixth class I learned my
>students how to write and read the sign. By giving them the basic of
>Signwriting they interest this new thing and interactive it

SignWriting List
May 23, 2002

Mohamed - Thank you sooo much for sharing this with us. I am really
happy to know that you wrote some religious material in SignWriting
and that it was useful to your students... I hope someday there will
be SignWriting texts for every religion in the world... This is an
important beginning....And your students loved it! I am so excited
about this...;-)))

It sounds like you have the older deaf students in the school?...

Val ;-)

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