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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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May 30, 2002

Eugenio from El Salvador wrote:
>   About certification, I am in agreement with you, if you don ±"  know my
>work here, you can trust about my skill in signwriting, it ±±  ok.
>   I ±>  not demanding and demanding hurry up a certificate, I only ask about
>"if may be possible", if it not be possible, no problem.

Hello Eugenio, Charles, James, Stuart, Angus....thank you for your 
messages regarding possible Teacher Certification for SignWriting 
over the Internet...I appreciate your points and I am sure in time 
such a course could be developed...I don't think the internet can 
ever truly replace the personal one-on-one teaching and learning 
experience. But strangely enough, even when people travel here to 
study directly, it becomes very intense...too much information to 
learn in such a short period of time while people are here, so even 
face-to-face education can be inadequate at times...

Therefore, the internet can be an important additional input...If an 
automatic testing system can be developed, as Angus mentioned....that 
would be a great idea that will have a life of its own....And if the 
course was geared to transcribing video tapes of different signed 
languages in SignWriting, then it could actually be somewhat 
international...that would teach the generic movement writing system, 
without touching on the grammar or structure of any one Sign 
Language....but developing such a course will take time.

So for now, I have no choice but to finish these projects:

1. SignBank 2002
2. SignWriting 2001 CD (really done, just need to get the packaging finished)
3. SignWriting 2002 CD (really done, just need to get the packaging finished)
4. Lessons Database on CD

When all those are available, then we can move forward to other 
projects, such as:

1. SignWriter 5.0 in Java ;-))
2. Courses on the web...or perhaps by CD!

Thanks everyone!

Val ;-)


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