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May 29, 2002

Valerie wrote:
>Eugenio...you asked in a previous message about certification? Your
>question was..."Could I give you a certificate?"....I am so sorry I
>do not give certificates...SignWriting is free for you to use....

Smile...I do have one last comment on the idea of "certificates"...Do
any of you know of other groups that give certificates to students
over the internet? It is possible that we could develop a way to give
people certification over the internet, but it will take time to work
out the details...

First and foremost, Eugenio, perhaps you could show us some of your
SignWriting? I would love to see that, and I will be happy to write a
letter on our organization's stationery stating that I met you on the
Internet and I have seen some of your SignWriting and I want to
acknowledge and thank you for the time that you have dedicated to
learning SignWriting...At least that will be better than nothing!

For me, the word "certificate" means meeting you face to face and
teaching you personally and giving you a teacher certification
exam...that is why developing a new way to certify teachers over the
internet would probably be very helpful...but it would be different
than anything I have done before.

The internet is like a new culture...it has changed everything, hasn't it?!!

Val ;-)


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