Saudi Arabian SignWriting Study!

Sat May 25 11:20:06 UTC 2002

Hi Val and Mohamed:

Val wrote:
> >Really? wow - that is different. If that is true, I did >misunderstand.
> I assumed it was three control groups...three separate >groups got asked
> the same questions in three different ways...
> >
> >But if it was the same students with three different tests, that
> >still is positive and shows that SignWriting was a help.

Actually, I think from a statistical point of view, Mohamed's way is an
even more powerful and reliable way to test--since the variability among
the "groups" is zero.

I'd love to see the same kind of testing done at the other SW schools
around the world. All the teacher would need to do is write a test of say
30 questions--then break it down into three sub tests--by assigning each
question randomly to one of the three tests.

Test one would be in their commonly-spoken/written language only.

Test two would be in SW only.

Test three would have the questions written in both SW and the commonly
spoken/written language.

This way, there would be no variability between the testing groups since
all students take all three tests.

In addition, there would be little variability between the questions since
all the questions are on the same subject, same degree of "hardness" etc.

I think it is a "neat" way to test the efficacy of SW. I think you are on
to something here Mohamed!


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