SignSpelling Guidelines: SW Syllables

Rebecca Larche Moreton mlrlm at OLEMISS.EDU
Sat Nov 2 13:02:32 UTC 2002

Dear Val:

It worked! I got this message this morning, and the wonderful diagram
was just sitting there smiling at me!

Thanks for your help in re-subscribing to the List.

Like any good neurotic, I always have just ONE MORE request: could you
send me the directions for un-subscribing to the Automatic Digest, which
is still coming in?

Again, thanks. SW really looks good on the internet, doesn't it? And I
want to get the CD when it's ready; although I have made very little
progress in finding anybody to help me learn to use ASL, I expect that
whatever pedagogic materials get written using SW as an integral part of
the instruction, will be of great help to me when I do finally find a
language partner (even though I may have to just use SW for my own
information, if the person who helps me is not a convert. But then, I
will also try to open my tutor's mind to this writing system, too; a
challenge, probably!) I can envision wonderful all-media teaching
materials for those of us for whom ASL is a foreign language: you put
the whole thing, detailed instruction of how to make the signs,
illustrations of individual signs and of signs in sentences, real use of
the signs in authentic situations of communication, grammatical
explanations, everything, onto a CD, I can hardly wait!


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> SignSpelling Guidelines: SignWriting Syllables

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