Small straight rub across palm

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Fri Nov 8 11:50:19 UTC 2002

I agree, as does Jack, that those are the best. Maybe 5 is better, it
keeps the from-above perspective for both hands.

But one question: there is a gap between the rub and the forward - we used
to place them together when we had a line-movement-with-rubbing??


>SignWriting List
>November 7, 2002
>>Ingvild wrote: The right hand is pressing slowly a short way forward on
>>the palm of the left hand. The sign will most often be made close to the
>>chest, the whole body telling that this is a task that has to be done
>>precision. The facial expression is the one used for all tiny things.
>Hello Everyone, and Ingvild!
>Thank you for this description. Attached are five possible writings of
>the same sign. Which one do you prefer? I like 2 or 5...

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