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November 8, 2002

I found this diagram in the Lessons Database (see the attached). Smile....look at the SignWriting...I did not actually connect the rub and arrows making them one symbol. But next look at my English to the right....notice I used the word "connected" several times! I meant that in "loose terms", but not in exact terms - I should change that wording to " in association with", or "in conjunction with" sorry, that I did not explain it clearly.

In the old days, I used to call the "Grasp Symbol" the "Hold Symbol". The word "Hold" has several meanings in English, and one meaning is "to pause a movement". I had to change the name of the symbol to Grasp, and the misunderstanding never happened again...

So none of the American signs have the arrows connected with the rub symbols, only near them...but I suggest, if you like to attach the arrows to the rub symbols, go right ahead and make that a standard rule in the Norwegian dictionary. Then, in time, we can look at our dictionaries in different countries and make changes towards international standardization of our spellings... If we decide to attach the arrow to the rub symbol, it will create a new "symbol in its own right"...This could be typed with one that may be an advantage in the future - An idea for SignBank 2004 - Many thanks, Ingvild!
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