Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Sun Nov 17 22:08:02 UTC 2002

This is great, Val!

What will be the price for the CD? Members/ non-members, handling...

Looking forward to get it,


>>Hello Valerie, haven't heard from the list for some time, hope  you are
>>right/!! Did I miss something? Is the C.D. about  the sign bank avaiable
>and if so >do we still need  file maker to operate it? I hope you are
>O.K.!!! Blessings, Tini.
>SignWriting List
>November 16, 2002
>Hello Tini and Everyone!
>Thanks for posting a message to the List. I am fine and I hope everyone
>else is too? ;-)
>I hope to have the CD ready by Monday. The SignBank 2002 CD will include:
>1. Complete Lessons in SignWriting Textbook
>2. SignBank 2002 Reference Manual
>3. Sutton's SignSymbolSequence Textbook
>4. SignSpelling Guidelines
>5. QuickStart SignBank 2002
>6. Technical Support Information
>7. SignWriter DOS Manual
>12 Navigation Languages
>SignBank US: ASL Children's Picture Dictionary with 130 signs
>SignBankShell to start your own database
>SignBank Portal to view and use the database
>SignBank Editor to create your own database
>446 Base Symbols with rotations, flops and variations
>Information in words, about each symbol, including symbol name, category
>name, group name, rotation number, flop number as so forth...
>A PDF Library with Help Documents
>with GIFS that are stored inside SignBank such as symbols, signs and
>This first version of the CD will require FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later.
>FileMaker is offering special prices for educators, so I will talk with
>them about that next week...
>Someday I hope to offer a SignBank RunTime, which will not require
>FileMaker, but that will not be for another 6 months is my guess...
>Meanwhile, everything on this CD is free for download on the for
>those who do not want to spend money, you can download instead....
>Hope you and Henk are doing well too, Tini -
>Many blessings -
>Val ;-)

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