Irish Sign Language

Tony McCloskey tony_mccloskey at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 19 12:29:55 UTC 2002

Hello all..
             I've been busy getting married and stuff but now I'm back 
to get this PhD finished....   I was talking to a lady that is part of 
the organisation that taught me Stage 1 in ISL and she was saying that they have got some sort of grant to produce a video for their students.  
I am trying to encourage them to put the sign writing sign on the video as well as the physical sign just to raise awareness and interest in the 
area to both people who already sign and for new people learning sign.  She seemed very interested and promised to get back to me about the idea and I will push it further but I just thought that I'd better check that it is OK to do this or does she need to request permission or just acknowledge were sign writing has come from???  If some one can let me know before I push this any further....


Tony McCloskey
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