Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Nov 20 16:24:14 UTC 2002

>Ingvild in Norway wrote: Considering the financial situation of the DAC and SW, and our need to install and use the SignBank, I think we will buy anyway, when it is ready.

SignWriting List
November 20, 2002

Dear SW List, and Ingvild -
It is true that a CD is handy for "installing SignBank" in the future...You may need to do that from time to time, and downloading may be free, but it is not always that convenient!

And the CD has installation software on it. You open an Install Folder and it installs everything for you rather quickly.

I am shipping five copies of the SignBank 2002 CD package to Albuquerque today...our last "beta testers"....good feeling to get this far!

Prices will be established by December 1st. I hope to have an order form on the web for the new CD packages ....

Val ;-)

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