Spam and the ongoing SignWriting sites ;-)

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sat Nov 30 17:57:01 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
November 30, 2002

Dear SW List, and Jerry!
Thank you for informing us...I, too, have had the same problems with spam. And you are right, Jerry, that anyone who runs a web site, will receive more spam. In my case, I started getting 50 to 100 advertisements daily through email.... At first, I became discouraged, since opening my email box in the morning was a bit overwhelming...But there are positive solutions to everything....

First, there are programs such as "SpamArrest", that protect you from spam. Second, I contacted our web server, DeafVision, and they have helped a lot! So now, all my spam is funneled to a special place, where I can look at it, or throw it out...some of it is soooo rediculous...makes you wonder if the spammers will give up sooner or later - I hope so!

Meanwhile, Jerry, your SignWriting sites are a true blessing - And we are fortunate that you are willing to continue - Thank you!

Val ;-)

>Dear Valerie, Pastor Dettloff, and SW List,
>It has become necessary to remove the automated e-mail reply links from
>the Cyberjer home page and the Sign Poetry Site, although the e-mail
>addresses are still available at both sites.  Commercial spamming
>operations utilize "address harvesting" software that picks up on the
>words, "mailto:" from web sites, and because we cannot afford to spend
>the time to deal with a large volume of spam, we have simply removed the
>automatic reply portion.  We are always available to anyone who wishes
>to e-mail us, rest assured.  Please note that we have discontinued any
>use of addresses.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
>Jerry Spillman, Webmaster
>please e-mail        for Cyberjer site:      webmaster at (any
>or all sites)
>                           for Sign Poetry site:  swp at
>                           for Jerry (personal):  jzs at

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