Does Windows XP work with SW 4.4?

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Tue Oct 1 08:01:02 UTC 2002

We just tried the partition sulition on a brand new laptop, and it caused
the whole system to crash.
It may be that it wass just this partitioning program that was not good.
But now I have taken the old 386 out of storage and we awill run WS on
than one, and SignBank on the new one ...



>Hi, Mark!  As far as I have been able to determine, SW 4.4 will only work
>Microsoft operating systems from Windows 98 on down.  Windows NT 4,
>2000, and Windows XP are all designed different than the old DOS system
>Windows used to use.  Windows 3.1 -> Windows ME are still "DOS-friendly".
> I
>think the key challenge with SW 4.4 is the fact that in the old DOS days
>when this was written, DOS programs regularly sent commands directly to
>video card through various codes available to DOS.  That "loophole" was
>closed after Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.  That is why it
>does not work on the later Microsoft operating systems.
>It does however, work with Virtual PC on the Mac as Valerie has said, or
>xdosemu on a Linux operating system since both will capture the DOS
>being sent to the video card and translate it to the appropriate command
>the Mac or Linux operating systems.
>One possibility if you have someone with some technical expertise, you can
>set up a new partition on the hard drive and install FreeDOS on that
>partition and set up her machine with two operating systems.  Not the
>preferred solution, but it should work for being able to do SW4.4 and
>Windows XP should be able to read that partition and get any exported
>etc. that you create during the time you are using DOS.  If it is too much
>of a pain to re-partition the hard drive, maybe go to a used computer
>and buy an old used hard drive.  Then install it in the computer but put
>FreeDOS on it.  That is another way to approach it.  Then tell Windows XP
>that you want to boot in two different operating systems.  I don't have XP
>so I am not sure how to tell it to do dual boots.  I know it is possible
>set up a dual boot in Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000.
>on 09/30/2002 8:11 PM, Mark Penner at penner at WORLD.CBI.ORG wrote:
>> Ms. Hagiwara, from Japan, is trying to run SW on her Windows XP
>> system and having trouble. It works on her laptop with Windows ME, but
>> in XP. On XP, she gets the opening screen, but when she tries to open a
>> file, nothing happens. The screen just stays the same. Is this a common
>> problem? Any ways around it? Anyone have any ideas?
>> Mark
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>> Mark Penner
>> Tokyo, Japan
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