Welcome Munich group!

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Oct 9 17:02:30 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
October 9, 2002

Hello Everyone, and welcome to Sebastian and colleagues from Munich!

I am glad that Stefan has infected you with the SignWriting virus -
that is a good virus and doesn't need to be cured (smile)... And
Stefan is a wondeful teacher to learn from...so positive!

I am happy to know that you are trying SignBank. Do you own
FileMaker? If you can open SignBank, then you do not need the
previous lessons right now....let us just proceed...So please write
again to tell us if you can open SignBank...

Your web site is wonderful - I just visited it. I love purple, so you
have chosen my favorite color - ha! - and the bird is charming....
Nice design...and although I cannot read all of the detailed German
text, it looks like you are providing an important service -

Great to have you with us!

Val ;-)


Hello Valerie Sutton and all members of SignList,

my name is Sebastian Braumandl. With my little company (we are 8
colleagues at the moment) in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, I'm running
several activities concerning education and employment for deaf
people and consulting for deaf and and their employers (More about my
company e.d.pfau know how GmbH see
<http://www.e-d-pfau.de>www.e-d-pfau.de; sorry the text is in German
only). About a month ago I met Stefan Wšhrmann in a training course
for beginners in Signwriting and he infected me the Signwriting-virus
at once.

Thanks to Stefan I was able to join SignList a few days ago. The
download of SignBank 2002 is on its way at the moment. But I missed
the instruction tasks 1 and 2. Can I go ahead by starting with task 3?

Thanks for help.


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