New Sign Writing Project

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 9 18:45:33 UTC 2002

Hello all,

This is Charles Butler.  I am downloading the
FileMaker software even as we speak (takes forever on
my modem), but I wanted to share with you something
that happened at DeafWay II.

I was able to speak to the publishers of the
intepreter books called:

"Signs of Sexual Behavior" and "Signs of Drug Use"
which are highly successful researched documentation
of signs for the courtroom and in sensitive

I have received permission to go through all of the
publishers books and convert the human drawings to SW
as a companion volume.  I haven't had the chance to
send them the first 100 signs or so for approval, but
the fact that "all you have to do is ask" was all they
needed from me was amazing.  Perhaps the educational
systems are finally waking up.

Charles Butler

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