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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Oct 9 21:56:14 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
October 9, 2002

Dear SW List -
Regarding questions about SignBank...Please post the questions to the
SW List, rather than to me privately. That way everyone can benefit.

Thank you for your email Henk, which is below. It looks like you
downloaded the wrong FileMaker. You downloaded FileMaker Server. The
Server is for professionals who are publishing on the web.

You want to download FileMaker Pro 6.0, which is their latest
version. Go to this web page:

Download FileMaker Pro 6.0

Val ;-)


From: "Henk Pel" <hpel at>
To: "Sutton, Valerie" <DAC at>
Subject: downloaded FileMaker
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002

Hello Valerie,
It seems that I need your help again.
I reread Task 1
I downloaded FileMaker trial 5.5
I now have the following files in my computer:FileMaker Server 5.5
Trial (File Icon) 34.8 MB
When I open that file I get a screen with the following:
Directory Service (File icon)
Electronic Documentation (File icon)
Filemaker Server Trial (Monitor with CD icon)
Instmsia (Box icon)
Instmiw Box icon)
READ ME (Text icon)
set up (Monitor icon)
set up (text icon)
Do you think that I got everything?
Then you asked; "Does FileMaker open?" - Frankly I don't know. I have
opened the instruction file and learned that it contains 134 pages.
Some of what I read I don't quite understand, but perhaps I do not
have to read most of it. First I should hear from you wether you
think I have everything.
It may interest you that this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in
Canada. The trees are in full Fall colours and they look great in the
sunshine. Kind regards,

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