WFD 2003 Call for Papers

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Oct 13 16:04:01 UTC 2002

Hello all,

I have sent for information on getting a booth for
SignWriting at the WFD convention.  Once I do, I will
post that information here.  Perhaps if we pool our
resources, we can set up a booth with literature,
research papers, and perhaps a computer with software
loaded (both the SW4.4 and the FileMaker software) as
well as our various projects.

When I went to DeafWay, there was much more interest
in the posters, handouts, and people were looking for
solid information, but there was no central place to
gather.  Plus, most of the emphasis was on U.S. Deaf
and ASL, rather than showing the breadth of the use of
Sign Writing.

I have designed some posters for ASL and for Libras,
but equivalent posters for the other Signed Languages
developed on this net would be very helpful.  We need
to get something together, this may be a good start to
really show WFD that there is a large SW community out

Charles Butler
SignNet Project
Bridgeville, Delaware

--- Angus Grieve-Smith <grvsmth at UNM.EDU> wrote:
>         Thanks to Marie-Anne Sallandre for bringing
> my attention to the
> World Federation for the Deaf conference in Montreal
> next year.  Abstract
> submission deadline is October 31, 2002.
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>                                         -Angus B.
> Grieve-Smith
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>                                         University
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