Multilingual Sign Dictionaries - International-Merge Feature

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 14 00:46:37 UTC 2002

>Invild in Norway wrote:
>as I've started entering signs and their spellings into the bank, it
>becomes apparent to me that as we are creating the first multilanguage
>sign dictionaries in the world....

SignWriting List
October 13, 2002

Dear SW List Members, and Ingvild-

Thank you for your thoughtful message, Ingvild.

Kind of exciting to think that we might be creating the first
multi-language sign dictionaries in history....I will carefully
answer your questions in future messages...

By the way, a side note....regarding the international plan for SignBank....
For the next couple of years, each country will use SignBank to store
their own signed and spoken languages. Then I hope to come out with a
new SignBank 200? in a couple of years, which will include an added
"International-Merge program. The current international feature in
SignBank 2002 is fine for moderate size printings of multiple
languages. But by 2004 some of you might have 10,000 signs in your
SignBank. Then imagine if you wanted to print a four-way dictionary
between four signed languages, and all four languages have 10,000
signs?...that would be quite a merging of data! So I hope to ease
that kind of work with an International-Merge feature later....

But back to the present....the next series of messages will be on

Val ;-)

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