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Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Sat Oct 12 18:22:01 UTC 2002

>SignWriting List
>September 12, 2002
>Hello Everyone -
>I have not been able to read your messages regarding sign-spellings
>because I am running out the door for an appointment. Ingvild...why
>not experiment a little and try different spelling techniques? Store
>around ten signs in Norwegian Sign Language in SignBank. Then change
>the sequence for those ten signs in different ways, in the SignBank
>Editor. Then test them in the Portal. Start experimenting this
>weekend. Then Monday we can have fun sharing...and I hope others will

Yes, we could experiment. But on the other hand, this question has been
addressed by Sign Language researchers who write other systems lineary -
from Stokoe onwards. I feel that our credibility, and therefore the
ultimate use of the dictionaries, is dependent on the way we go about this
- that we do take those others into considerations.
>Regarding international spelling rules, I disagree that it is time to
>decide this.

If we change 'decide' to a 'tentative decission', then I think this is the
time - now or in a short time. We will be putting a lot of work into this,
and things then tend to stay the way they are put - we may intend
changing, but put if off ..

> I believe we should try creating a few dictionaries

>first in SignBank, to see what different sequences work for different

>signed languages.

Of course, as the European SLs seem to use mouthing, that may be a feature
that climbs upward on the spelling sequence list for those languages. But
otherwise, I still think that we should go about this in a fairly
consitent way.

> I will be happy to share with you the way I

>personally sequence things, and I think it is fine that Charles

>shares his theories too. But you may find with experience, Ingvild,

>that Norwegian signs have some unique this is a real

>I am telling you this because I have gotten the impression in the
>past that people think I know everything, before we have tried it!

No, actually, I do not think you know everything (and I know the annoying
feeling that people do feel that, because I meet it a lot - and I
certainly do not know everything). This is why I put this on the list,
addressed it to 'all', and used 'we' and 'us' in my mail.


>we are still working with a very new invention...and the sequencing

>will evolve in time...of course the long-term goal is one

>international sequence, but only if that is good for all the

>languages we are writing...
>So Charles - have you gotten SignBank to open?
>And Ingvild - be sure to send only GIFs or JPEG attachments to the
>SignWriting List - no BMPs...I had trouble opening them, but I
>finally succeeded...

Point taken - will do.
>Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and thanks so much for trying SignBank!
>Val ;-)

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