New SignBank Shell posted once again...

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Oct 15 02:33:12 UTC 2002

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October 14, 2002

Dear SignBank users!

A SignBank Shell is an empty database ready for you to add signs. It
can now be downloaded once again (smile), on this web page:

SignBank Download Center

We are clearly still in Beta Testing. Problems were found with the
last download, but on a positive note, those problems have now been
fixed. I cannot guarantee there will be no problems in the
future....Downloading is not for everyone, but for those who can, I
hope you will.

The SignBank Editor password at this time is 54321. It is used to
create new dictionaries...

Once you have downloaded the new Shell, rename it for your
country...and please tell me you have done this, so I know someone is
following my teaching...

We are blessed to have this chance...Val ;-)
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