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October 18, 2002

Thank you, Charles, for your message below. I appreciate it, that you realize how spelling issues can change, depending on the differences in cultures and Sign Languages. I plan to discuss the issue of facial expressions in dictionaries, as well as other fascinating issues that came up years ago, when I was working with a Danish linguist. I found out that Danish Sign Language (DSL) does not differentiate between a closed (tight) fist and an open (circle) fist...That was sooo different than American Sign Language that it actually became an issue when we started working on the DSL-ASL dictionary...we had a dictionary with NO spoken language in the entire dictionary - it was between two signed languages only - and the linguist in Denmark also had other issues I had never thought of...that were unique to the differences between our two Sign we will take one step at a time - Hope you are enjoying your new home!  Val ;-)


>Charles wrote:
>I am sure that facial expressions will come into the
>equation with both ASL and Libras eventually.  The
>corpus we are working with, at the moment, doesn't go
>that way, but who knows, in a few years, we will
>certainly need to discuss more.

>--- Valerie Sutton <Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
>> Ingvild in Norway wrote:
>> >I know Valerie has addessed this question breifly
>> before, but now as we
>> >sit down and actually do this, we should have a
>> discussion and make rules
>> >that will also be felt as appropriate by the sign
>> language lingiusts and
>> >by the signing communities, as far as that is
>> possible. So I dare
>> >not enter anything more at the moment ...
>> SignWriting List
>> October 14, 2001
>> Dear SW List and Ingvild, Charles...
>> Regarding the future rules for ordering
>> Sign-Spellings (SS), let us
>> use SignBank as our tool to work out some of the
>> issues...I will show
>> you what I mean in the next message...
>> Ingvild...I hope you won't stop entering signs,
>> because entering
>> signs is the only way we will come to a decision on
>> the rules. I will
>> take the three signs you gave us as examples, and
>> show you different
>> issues with them, in the next few messages....
>> not don't have to re-do
>> anything with your
>> new book...the Northern European languages do have
>> some differences
>> in regards to facial expressions which I want to
>> is
>> nothing like ASL...and I want to discuss those
>> differences now on the
>> List...
>> Val ;-)
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