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October 19, 2002

I just received this announcement. Perhaps someone wants to attend?


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From: Jamila.Nasridinova at
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 11:51:36 +0500
Subject: 6th International Conference on Language and Development

                Dear Colleagues

                As participants in the 5th Language and Development
Conference in Cambodia I thought you might like news about the 6th in
series which is to be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in October 2003.

                We announced the Conference a couple of weeks ago on
e-lists and have had a large number of enquiries from around the world.
Hopefully the event will be truly international and build on the
of  Phom Penh.

                I very much hope that you will be able to attend the
Conference yourself and experience this fascinating country. I would
appreciate it if you could publicise the event among your colleagues
who may
also be interested.

                I have attached the conference announcement below
if you have already seen it).

                Best regards

                Martin Seviour
                Deputy director
                British Council


                Conference announcement

                Sixth International Conference on Language and
                15 -17 October 2003, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

                The British Council, Tashkent  and the Ministry of
                Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of
                are pleased to announce the Sixth International
                Conference on Language and Development.

                The broad themes of the conference will be:

                 - Language policy and its relationship to broad issue
                   of national development, language planning,
                   educational provision and multilingualism

                 - The effective design, implementation and evaluation
                   of language and literacy curricula in development

                These issues will be approached from the perspective
                of policy makers, language and literacy educators and
                that of multi-lateral and bilateral donors.

                The 2003 conference is the sixth in the series, which
                commenced in Bangkok in 1993 and was followed by Bali
                in 1995, Langawi in 1997, Hanoi in 1999 and Phnom Penh
                in 2001.
                [Editor's note: Details of the PREVIOUS conference are
                this is a key networking opportunity for academics in
                this sector.  There was also a place for exhibition
                stands at the previous conference.  This may be a
                promotional opportunity for those targeting Central

                In addition to a full conference programme the
                organisers will be arranging a variety of package
                options for participants who would like to visit
                historic cities of Uzbekistan -Bukhara, Samarkand,
                Khiva and Urgench - before or immediately after the

                For further information please contact Martin Seviour,
                Deputy Director, British Council, Tashkent
                martin.seviour at
<mailto:martin.seviour at>

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