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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 21 03:10:15 UTC 2002

Bill Reese wrote:
>Well, you know me, I don't really use SignWriting but I like to jump in=
 every now and then. =A0SignBank is the same way - I'm following the dis=
cussion and just jumping in to muddy the waters a bit. Whenever you deci=
de to pick up the CD's again, let me know.   I can see you are busy - ev=
erything takes time - especially if you want to do it right. =A0:-)

SignWriting List
October 20, 2002

Thanks for understanding, Bill, about the CDs, and are right....SignBank took longer than any of us would have wanted...but taking our time to do it right is very important -

And don't think your ideas about SignBank are not welcome..... - just the opposite - I think your points were interesting and important...Keep jumping in!

For me, spelling in SignWriting is very "sequential"....Obviously I believe in the visual units for reading, but when it comes to putting the signs in order, in a dictionary, I believe movement is quite sequential - There is a specific ordering that makes sense to me ...I guess I have used it for so long that I forgot that it might not be the same for other this will be interesting to share with everyone...

So keep splashing in our muddy waters - ha!

Great to talk with you again - And I hope the student you mentioned enjoys SignWriting -

Val ;-)

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