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Sorry Charles!!! but is is not what Sign writing list is for!!!!
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> This note from the Web....truly odd.
> The world is stranger than fiction....
> Sept. 20, 2000 |
> Each year in mid-September the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast
> the Exaltation of the Venerable Cross, which honors the fourth century
> finding of the Lord's Cross and its recovery from Persian captivity in the
> seventh century. Thanks to modern                  technology, this year's
> Vatican festival was televised live to millions of viewers across Italy,
> Spain and Latin America. Also thanks to modern technology, the broadcast
> 20 cardinals
> celebrating Mass and leading prayers was accidentally accompanied by the
> soundtracks of hardcore-porn films.
> According to news reports, Italian broadcasting company RAI  had intended
> send audio and video from the festival to its satellite, to be bounced to
> Catholic audiences around the               world. But a satellite TV
> company in Luxembourg managed to mix up the audio portions of the
> of the Vatican festival and the Fantasy Channel -- playing the soundtracks
> of
> "Stacey and the Hunt" and "Babes Illustrated" during the festival
> For two hours, millions of Roman Catholics watched video of cardinals
> singing hymns and praying, set to the orgasmic moaning and caterwauling of
> porn stars like Shyla Foxxx, Kaitlyn Ashley and Caressa Savage.
> Conversely, male viewers of the Fantasy Channel, sitting on sofas with
> pants                          to their ankles, were treated to porn that
> featured holy incantations.
>  "The film soundtrack was transmitted, and it was really hardcore stuff,"
> said Deric
> Botham, managing editor of Television X, which produces the Fantasy
> "It
> could not have been worse."
>  Reaction from the Vatican was uncharacteristically subdued, considering
> views on pornography. "It sounded like a very unfortunate mistake," said a
> spokesman
> for the Roman Catholic Church.
>  Perhaps God does exist.

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