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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 21 14:58:57 UTC 2002

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October 21, 2002

Hello Ilka and Everyone!
Thanks so much for this message. Writing poetry in a Sign Language is very exciting...I will never forget seeing some poetry written by a Deaf woman in Spain. The SignWriting was written in a half circle design - it was beautiful!!

Would you like to experiment with different SignSpellings? There are two ways to do that in SignBank 2002:

Create 2 spellings in the same SignBank database....
1. Enter one sign in the database, with its spelling.
2. Duplicate the sign. Change the spelling.
3. You now have two spellings for the same sign established in SignBank.
4. Number the spellings like this:  absolutt (01-1)  and absolutt (01-2)


Create 2 databases...
1. Download an empty SignBank Shell.
2. Duplicate the Shell. You now have two SignBanks.
3. Name each SignBank something different, like "SignBank DE-1" and "SignBank DE-2"
4. Then establish different spellings for the same signs, in each individual database.

Enjoy the experiment!

Val ;-)


>Hello list,
>someone asked in the debate about how to organize signs why it would make
>sense to order them in a certain way. Just one comment: Our Hamburg
>Bilingual Class (which has been the first being educated with German Sign
>Language as instructional language) is now also designing Poetry in Sign
>Language or translating German Poetry into Sign Language. Sometimes they are
>trying to match signs by handshape, sometimes it is more the movement they
>think fits best, so they change the handshape a bit. For all these purposes
>new possibilities in ordering sign seem helpful.

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