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Michael Golebiewski mike.golebiewski at VERIZON.NET
Tue Oct 22 04:14:50 UTC 2002

I am Computer Scientist interested in developing software for the deaf. For the past several months I have been investigating the possibility of a piece of software that will do sign to English translation.  Any time you can take to provide me feedback on my goals and answer questions will greatly be appreciated.


The software will be based on the ability to "draw" with icons a sign on the screen and search for possible meanings of the sign.   After studying the site for the past week I think that it would be an excellent way to have users "draw" signs for search entry.  

In essence I would be allowing users to query based on an icon language. The language being Sign Writing symbols, and relative positioning on the screen. While not common place the concept of graphical search languages are not new. 

It appears that the SignBank software, I have not used it for a lack of File Maker, presents a dictionary of signs a user can browse in a hierarchal fashion. The difference in what I am considering is an interface where the user can search based on any criteria of the sign they draw.  

I have a few specific questions, but any input would be appreciated:

  a.. Is this functionality perceived as useful? 
  b.. How do people feel about Sign Writing used in such an application? 

Michael Golebiewski
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