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September 2, 2002

My dear friends and members of the SignWriting List:
I spent the entire month of August entering thousands of little GIF
diagrams into  SymbolBank. SymbolBank is a database that stores the
Sutton-Symbol-Sequence (SSS-2002). Our new program, SignBank 2002,
sorts dictionaries by the SSS-2002.

Although there will always be more symbols to add, I feel we have
enough symbols now to be able to sort SignWriting dictionaries
properly. On August 1st, we had over 6000 GIFs in SymbolBank. Because
of my work in August, we now have over 11,200 GIFs.

There are 425 base symbols in the SSS-2002. You can download a PDF
file that lists them:

SignBank Download Center

I am also posting new versions of the SignBank database itself, every
couple of days now, on the web in the SignBank Download Center.
SignBank is not yet ready for "official release", but I am posting
versions every couple of days anyway, for preservation sake...

I have mountains of mail and orders and please forgive my delay in
responding...I hope to catch up a little in September, plus work on
adding more signs so we can release SignBank at the end of this month

Hope you all are happy and doing well -

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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