New Posting: Official SSS for SignBank 2002

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Sep 6 01:30:00 UTC 2002

Stefan wrote:
>I don ±"  feel too much disturbed since this list of
>symbols seems to follow some specific rules which are connected to
>software - programming  ... questions ..Is this true Valerie ?

Yes...That is right, Stefan. There are programmers all over the world
using SignWriting in their software development, and they need the
correct numbers for their programming...So at least I got the correct
numbers up on the web - I was concerned because some of the numbers
have changed since last Spring...

I will be happy to teach the SW List the logic behind the Sequence in
a couple of weeks - I first want to get SignBank 2002 finished for
release...I need about two more weeks - I have three more little jobs
to complete...and one of those jobs is to add different spoken
languages...I could use your help, and other people's help, for
language translation. So I will write about that tomorrow...

Many blessings -

Val ;-)

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