New Posting: Official SSS for SignBank 2002

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Sep 6 14:31:03 UTC 2002

>Tremendous Valerie,

SignWriting List
September 6, 2002

Nice to hear something positive from you, Charles...

There is a very logical and perfect reason why I have chosen the
rotations I have...Please give me a chance to explain it in a couple
of weeks...Obviously I have tried what you suggested before, but it
created big problems when actually looking up signs, and became more
illogical than you can imagine. But you will have to have patience. I
am writing the lessons on the SSS right now and it should be ready in
a couple of weeks.

Regarding your dictionary, whatever Sequence you choose for your
dictionary is fine with me. I think it is wonderful that you are
doing the dictionary, and I assumed your ordering of symbols would be
slightly different than mine. That doesn't bother me at all. No
matter what, it will be a useful publication to hundreds of people,
and that is what matters.

And there is no problem with experimenting with different sort orders
either. Until we find the right SSS over the next decade, there will
be different sorting routines in different publications...That is not
a problem! I made SignBank flexible so you can choose your own sort

Val ;-)

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