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September 9, 2002

Hello Everyone and Nitsu - Thanks for these questions. My answers are
below....Val ;-)


Questions from Finland
>To be able to translate this list into Finnish, I need to get some
>explanations for some of these things here...Thank you! Nitsu
>Pikkupyora :)

>36. US Letter..... What do you mean by  US letter, English alphabets, or what?
>38. Category  .....categorry for what? what's the difference here
>between a category                                            and a
>42. Variation ....Variation of what?
>43. Fill  .....Fill of what, like black or white handshape?
>46. Found Symbol Set ....Is a set here a restrected group of symboils?
>48. Notes    .......Referes to a user's own notes?
>69. Clear Symbol Search    ....... what is that, clear? in this
>case, I mean...


Val's Answers....

36. "US Letter" is the name of the size of paper that is used in the
USA, Canada, Mexico and a few other countries in Central America. As
you know, "A4" is the size of paper used in Europe. So it is in
reference to printing and establishing what size paper you want to

38, 42, 43. "Category, Variation, Fill"...all those are my special
terms for the numbering-system for the Sign-Symbol-Sequence. Take a
look at the SSS on the web:

Can you see there is a box with a bunch of numbers and the words are
under each section...And yes...Fill stands for the shading of each
symbol...a white symbol for the palm of the hand versus a dark symbol
for the back of the hand etc...Since those are terms, you can keep
the words close to the English and people will have to memorize the

46. Yes. People search for a group of signs that use a certain
symbol...Once found, the "Found Symbol Set"...can be printed or saved

48. Notes refers to notes people will want to write - like comments
about symbols etc.

69. Clear Symbol means that you searched for signs using
one symbol, but now you want to start all over and search for another
handshape using another symbol - to do that, you need to clear, or
get rid of, the previous search-symbol...

PS. Thanks for your help, Nitsu, and please forgive my tardiness on
answering your request for email addresses of SignWriting users. That
is the reason I established the SW you would have contact
with SignWriting users through the SW if you have a survey
you want to present to the SW List, go right ahead and post
it...maybe someone will answer...I hope so...although I know teachers
are more "doers" than researchers and oftentimes are very
of luck with your research... Val ;-)

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