Upgrading your computer...

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Sep 10 00:35:34 UTC 2002

Charles Butler wrote:
>I'm presently without access to my SW software program
>as my mother board has crashed.  I am considering
>upgrading and transferring everything to a higher
>computer.  I had tried to load File Maker on my old
>computer and ran out of room.
>Do you suggest I look into something with 1 Gig of
>memory or more so that we can all be on the same page.
>I'm beginning to have to consider buying a whole new
>system as mine has not been able to come up in at
>least 5 days (sigh).


SignWriting List
September 9, 2002

Dear SW List members:
Thanks for the question, Charles - I run my entire office, all four
web sites, and of course software development on a little, beautiful
machine called an "eMac"...which I purchased for around
$1200...including monitor, keyboard, mouse and a fast CD writer...it
has 700MHz PowerPC G4
40GB Ultra ATA drive etc....I have 670 megabytes of internal memory,
but that is not needed for average use...you don't need that much
memory if your money is tight. Take a look at my favorite computer on
the web:

Val's favorite computer - the eMac!

And the eMac and iMac run on the best and smoothest operating system
in the world - Mac OS X...I love OS X! It is a Unix-based operating
system that automatically networks with Windows, and on Mac OS X you
can make your own PDF files, without owning Acrobat! PDF is built
into the OS X operating system...

I have Windows 98 and also Windows XP on computers here in my office,
but they just sit there and are rarely used, since my Mac OS X
computers (one iMac and one eMac) never crash and are always
graphically beautiful -

Anyway - you asked what I like, so you got your answer ;-)

I wish the whole world would switch to OS X - It is an amazing
experience..I would never have believed it, until I tried it -

Guess what? Remember SignWriter 5.0? It works automatically better on
Mac OS X...many of the bugs that kept me from using it before, went
away on OS X...really wonderful!

OK. I am going to be off line for the next two days or so, to finish
more documents - thanks so much to everyone for your great input!

Val ;-)

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