SignBank Menu Translations

Mark Penner penner at WORLD.CBI.ORG
Tue Sep 10 08:11:30 UTC 2002

Oh, I sent the translation to you, since I didn't think everyone on the
list wanted to mess with Japanese characters. Do you want it on the list?


At 07:17 02/09/09 -0700, you wrote:
> SignWriting List
> September 9, 2002
> Hello Everyone!
> It was so much fun to read all your translations - Many thanks for
> such quick response. I know some of you have questions about what
> some of those technical terms mean, and I have some questions myself
> in return, regarding your languages, so in about an hour or so I will
> start going over the translations with all of you publicly on the
> List, so we can make some decisions on the translations
> together...Thanks once again for your ongoing interest and
> support....  Val ;-)

Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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